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Sharking: The Grim Practice Where Older Students Prey On Freshers

Higher education’s rape culture isn’t breaking news. Sexual violence has become ingrained in campus life. The 2014 National Union of Students' "Hidden Marks" study revealed that over two thirds of female students have experienced some kind of harassment at university. It’s only in recent years, however, that incidents such as the Warwick group chat scandal, which exposed private messages between male students joking about raping female students, including planning "surprise sex with some freshers", have brought the problem to light. And it’s about time too.

Warwick student on the University handling of her sexual assault case

A student who was under investigation by the University of Warwick for an alleged sexual assault continued to be employed by Terrace Bar in Warwick’s Students’ Union. An anonymous student at the University of Warwick has chosen to speak out to The Boar about the University’s handling of sexual misconduct proceedings against her alleged assailant, and the victim alleged that he continued to be employed at a bar in the Warwick’s Students’ Union during the course of the investigation.

Sexual assault at Warwick: has enough changed since 2018’s Group Chat scandal?

It’s a chilly grey Sunday afternoon in late November, and small groups are beginning to gather on the Warwick University piazza. They huddle in clusters, wearing masks and holding hand-made cardboard signs: ‘Boys will be held accountable for their actions’, one reads; ‘Alcohol is not an excuse’, declares another. 10 or 20 minutes go by and the smaller groups increase into a crowd. Someone with a megaphone patrols to make sure demonstrators are social-distancing.

Pale Waves’ Heather Baron-Gracie chats growing up and falling in love for new album Who Am I?

“If I had carried on, I would have had three albums”, Heather Baron-Gracie says of writing her upcoming record Who Am I? for her band Pale Waves. She chats to me over Zoom, only a radiator visible from her London home. She’d spent Christmas with her parents back home in Preston – “I didn’t want to come back down to London – the cases are so bad”, Heather told me. Later that night the U.K. was plunged into a third lockdown.

Bandcamp donate day’s worth of profits in latest Bandcamp Friday waiver

Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond announced last week that today the company will be waiving a day’s worth of their revenue to the music industry. The online music company’s fees will temporarily cede for 24 hours from 8am July 4 to 8am July 5 BST. All profits will be donated directly to artists and labels impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Today will be the final instalment of their campaign, Bandcamp Friday. Every first Friday of the past three months, the company have donated 24 hours of their f
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