Bandcamp donate day’s worth of profits in latest Bandcamp Friday waiver

Bandcamp CEO Ethan Diamond announced last week that today the company will be waiving a day’s worth of their revenue to the music industry. The online music company’s fees will temporarily cede for 24 hours from 8am July 4 to 8am July 5 BST. All profits will be donated directly to artists and labels impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic. Today will be the final instalment of their campaign, Bandcamp Friday. Every first Friday of the past three months, the company have donated 24 hours of their f
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UK Universities reveal plans to accommodate for international students that will need to self-isolate

UK universities are changing traditional styles of learning to accommodate overseas students when term starts this autumn. The plans will accommodate government travel restrictions due to COVID-19, which forces all overseas students to self-isolate for 14 days. This will involve isolating incoming students with others of the same nationality for a two-week period before they can begin the blended style of learning implemented by UK universities, announced by the College and University Business

Album Review: Deep Down Happy // Sports Team

Sports Team: if you’re unfamiliar with the Cambridge six-piece, you can gage most of what you need to know about them from the lyrics of their debut Deep Down Happy. They love London and “old bands” on ‘Goin’ Soft’, hate suburbia and Goldsmith wannabes (‘Camel Crew’) and eschew playing by the rules – trendy lefties with all the cynicism of the last round of punks living under a pale-skinned, blonde quiffed PM.
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Confronting my unhealthy relationship with food

Food has always been a point of contention in my life. I, like many others, have never known a time in recent years when I wasn’t on a diet, or overtly-conscious of the food I’m eating. Raised in a family who were also painfully aware of their diet, having a difficult relationship with food became a by-product of my upbringing and an inescapable part of my fate. Like my political views or taste in music, it’s a state of being I’ve gotten used to, an internal dialogue that has long become trite.